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Welcome! Meet the Luthers

In January 2012, we began a remodeling project in the house we formerly used for summer staff. That summer, we dedicated the house to the Lord and it became the Diamond L Prophet House.

For the last 22 years, we have been blessed to share the ranch with guests. Today, we are happy to announce that we will be using the ranch in a wonderful new way.

The purpose of the Diamond L Prophet House comes from 2 Kings Chapter 4 in the Bible. It tells of a woman who prepared a room for Elisha, Godís prophet, to stay in when he was passing by. Today all over the USA you will find rooms and houses that are maintained for Missionaries who are on furlough or traveling for deputation. Sometimes they are in between churches or assignments and need a place to stay. With the help of our church, the First Baptist Church of Hulett, we supply the house and food at no cost to them. They are welcome to stay as long as they like or need. We have been honored to have had folks from Romania, several folks from Brazil, from India, a couple of families from South Africa also families from South Korea, Peru, Democratic Republic of Congo, Thailand, Philippines, Andes of Peru We have also hosted American missionary folks and retired pastors. We have been blessed by them and their missions.

In 2015 we will expand our mission to include pastors and their families from small churches, men and women retreats and meetings, youth groups and folks who travel to follow Jesusí great commission, Godís people who do His work full time. For this reason we have decided to make some modifications to the lodge and cabin rooms and we will be using them for this work.

Over the years God has greatly blessed us and now He is allowing us to be a blessing to those He has called to His purpose. We are very humbled by this undertaking and we greatly appreciate all of the help, donations and especially the prayers on our behalf.

If you'd like to learn more, please email or call. We'd love to hear from you!

Gary and Carolyn

Gary and Carolyn

Box 70, 1030 Blacktail Creek Road, Hulett, Wyoming 82720
Phone: (307) 467-5236  Email: carolynlluther@gmail.com
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